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4 Types of Driveway Type That You Can Consider

Building your new driveway is a mixture of both excitement and anxiety. It is a daunting process as there are many things involved that must be considered before starting the whole process. From the type of material that should be used to the amount of budget you are willing to spend on the construction, everything must be taken into account before taking the first step towards construction on site.

If you wish your driveway to be durable, last longer, and look best at the same time then numerous things must be kept in mind. Here in this article, we will discuss the most important element which is the type of material you wish to use. To get more information, keep reading.

Select Your Driveway Type

The driveway is the primary thing that any visitor entering the house premises will notice. So, choosing the right type of option for your property that aligns with your lifestyle as well is crucial. The most renowned kinds of driveways have been mentioned ahead with their potential advantages.

1. Asphalt Concrete

This is the most durable kind of driveway which is the most popular choice of people around the globe. It is a priority of families or people who have busy driveways and have children. This driveway is available in multiple color options. The style option is also available that you can choose based on your preferences which may complement your house exterior design.

2. Concrete

Concrete driveways are considered to be more affordable and less expensive as compared to asphalt concrete. However, one issue that you might experience is that they crack with time due to different conditions, mainly weather conditions. This type is complex to install as compared to asphalt concrete as it requires proper preparation beforehand to properly lay the surface layer. Before making a decision you must consider the cost of the driveway you wish to install and then match it with your requirement. You can also hire driveway contractors for better guidance.

3. Cobblestone

Cobblestone driveways are one of the very popular kinds. These driveways have been in use for centuries or probably since the roman empire era. Cobblestone’s distinctive outlook makes it an exceptional option for homeowners. Moreover, It’s also quite reliable and durable. It can even last for decades when proper maintenance is given. However, the cost of a cobblestone driveway is a bit high, which will be even higher when you want it to be professionally installed in your driveway.

 4. Gravel

Gravel is not too expensive but still it gets expensive due to its nature of requiring frequent maintenance. However, it may require frequent maintenance essentially if your area is more prone to heavy rainfall or snowfall. Gravel driveways are the best option for rural properties, the place where asphalt or concrete are not as such in reach due to high cost or difficulty in the installation process. They also assist in keeping the dust at a minimum during the time of construction process as unlike asphalt or concrete which allow the rainwater to pool on the top of a firm or hard surface, gravel absorbs moisture from rainwater.

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