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Empowering Futures: A Comprehensive Guide to AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC)


The Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) stands as a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to fostering skill development and enhancing employability across the state. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the multifaceted initiatives undertaken by APSSDC, providing step-by-step insights for users to leverage the full spectrum of opportunities offered by this dynamic organization.

Step 1: Understanding APSSDC’s Mission and Vision At the core of APSSDC’s endeavors is a mission to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the skill sets of the youth. Understanding the organization’s mission and vision is the first step toward comprehending the transformative impact it seeks to make on the lives of individuals in Andhra Pradesh.

Step 2: Exploring Skill Development Programs APSSDC offers an array of skill development programs tailored to the evolving needs of various industries. From IT and healthcare to agriculture and manufacturing, the organization’s programs cover a diverse range of sectors. Users can explore these programs to identify areas aligning with their interests, gaining access to specialized training and certifications.

Step 3: Enrolling in Training Courses To actively participate in APSSDC’s skill development initiatives, individuals can enroll in training courses that match their career aspirations. These courses, designed in collaboration with industry experts, aim to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in their chosen fields. The enrollment process is user-friendly, making quality education accessible to a broad spectrum of learners.

Step 4: Availing Placement Services One of APSSDC’s notable strengths lies in its robust placement services. Upon completing a training program, individuals gain access to a network of potential employers through the organization’s extensive industry partnerships. APSSDC actively facilitates placements, connecting skilled individuals with job opportunities and contributing to the state’s overall economic growth.

Step 5: Tapping into Entrepreneurial Resources Beyond conventional employment opportunities, APSSDC empowers individuals to explore entrepreneurship. The organization provides resources and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and self-reliance. Users can access workshops, mentorship programs, and financial support to turn their entrepreneurial visions into reality.

APSSDC Siemens

Siemens is an Organization which organizes various Skill development program for candidates who have completed Engineering or diploma in Mechanical, automobile, Production, metallurgical and industrial branches and are still unemployed. So to increase or enhance their skill level, Siemens works jointly with APSSDC so that candidates can easily clear different interviews.

The training domains on which training is given are as follows:- 

  • NX design
  • Programmable Logical Controller (PLC)
  • Advanced Stimulation Solutions
  • Topics on Induction Motor, AC/Dc Drives


Interested candidates can log in through Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) (

The Complete Procedure for login to the official website of Abssdc follows:-

  • At first, Candidates have to visit the official website of APSSDC ( there before login at first they have to Sign up with their details, mobile number.
  • After that, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number given by the candidate after entering the correct OTP candidates can set their user name password.
  • Once the account is created, after which candidates can again visit the same website and go to the Login option in the Official website marked in blue color. After which they can successfully login.

APSSDC Register

Students belonging to Andhra Pradesh can register themselves through this link for their Skill Development and for attending Workshop. Candidates who have completed B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA can use this facility.

How to Register for APSSDC

  • Candidates who are interested and who want to enhance their Technical, as well as non-Technical skills, can directly go and apply to the following link ( ). By registering themselves, they will get the complete schedule of the training.

Job Skills APSSDC

APSSDC organizes different Job fairs for the employment of different candidates. The skill which is required for the same are:-

  • B.Tech Degree
  • MBA Degree
  • Pharmacy
  • Inter-School 10th degree
  • Any Diploma Degree Holder

APSSDC Trainer Jobs

APSSDC training jobs include different Contract based jobs, and there is no fixed place to work candidates have to go to various places to train students at various Colleges.

Some of the training jobs include:-

  • IT Trainer
  • Developers in various domains
  • Soft Skill development trainer
  • Ytc Coordinator
  • Associate Finance Manager


The Average Salary for different domains are as follows:-

  • Android Developer:- Rs 4,02,520
  • Java Developer:- Rs 3,26,302
  • Trainer Monthly:- Rs 2,52,493
  • Coordinator:- Rs 2,00,436
  • Associate Finance Manager:- Rs 4,17,319

Additional Information

To maximize the benefits of APSSDC, consider the following tips and additional information:

  1. Industry-Linked Curriculum: APSSDC collaborates closely with industry leaders to develop curriculum content that aligns with current industry demands, ensuring that individuals are equipped with relevant and up-to-date skills.
  2. Skill Assessments and Certification: Individuals can undergo skill assessments through APSSDC, receiving certifications that validate their proficiency in specific domains. These certifications enhance employability and serve as a testament to the quality of training received.
  3. Virtual Learning Platforms: APSSDC embraces digital learning through virtual platforms, allowing individuals to access courses remotely. This flexibility accommodates diverse learning preferences and schedules.
    1. Community Engagement: Actively engage with APSSDC’s community initiatives, such as skill development camps, awareness programs, and career guidance sessions. These engagements foster a sense of community and collective growth.

Key Highlights

  1. The Siemens Centers of Excellence were aimed at bridging the skill gap between industry and academia. Siemens centers are also operating in other states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Chattisgarh under the same model.
  2.  10% of the project cost is to be contributed by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, while the rest 90% is borne by Siemens.
  3.  The cost of the project per cluster is Rs. 559.33 crores (exclusive of taxes), out of which the government of AP is to bear Rs. 55 crores. While the overall project cost is Rs. 3355.98 crores (exclusive of taxes), the cost to the government of Andhra Pradesh for all 6 clusters is Rs. 330 crores (exclusive of taxes).
  4. By May 2018, 6 clusters were established to form 6 Centers of Excellence (COE) and 34 Technical Skill Development Institutes (T-SDI) in 40 identified engineering and polytechnic colleges. By March 2020, over 2,13,000 candidates were trained.
  5. Colleges with Siemens Centers issued acknowledgment letters about the implementation of the project and transfer of assets after the agreement period of 3 years (extended due to COVID) was done by August 2021.
  6.  Among the states that implemented this project, Andhra Pradesh established one of the highest numbers of clusters and trained the highest number of candidates. After AP started the project, other states started emulating the hub and spoke model of training centers.
  7.  Andhra Pradesh ranked first in the country in the India Skills Report 2018 and 2019 because of the efforts of the then TDP government
  8.  DesignTech MD Vikas Khanvelkar clarified in detail how the project is executed with the coordination of the government of Andhra Pradesh, APSSDC, Siemens, and the colleges shortlisted.
  9. Dr. Arja Srikanth (MD, APSSDC) issued a letter of appreciation to DesignTech for the successful implementation of the project.

Peer States executing the project

Project Aspect Andhra Pradesh Gujarat Jharkhand Tamil Nadu Karnataka
Project inception 2015 2013 2016 2017 2017
Government contribution 10% 15% 10% 10% 10%
Model Total of 40 institutes arranged in 6 clusters in a Hub and Spoke model where each cluster is with 1 CoE and 5 tSDIs approx Total of 11 training institutes 3 clusters in a Hub and Spoke model where each cluster is with 1 CoE and 5 tSDIs approx 1 cluster with 1 CoE and 5 tSDIs Total of 4 training institutes
References Siemens-DesignTech Proposal
CITD Valuation
Economic Times
Desh Gujarat
Siemens Press Release
MoU with Anna University
Economic Times
Deccan Herald
S. No Timeline Events
1 10th September
The state government issued G.O.Ms.No.47, Higher Education Department 10-09-2014 initiating the process for the establishment of the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC).
2 26th September
On 26-09-2014, G.O.Ms.No.48, Higher Education Department was issued approving Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association for incorporation of Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) under Section 8, Companies Act, 2013.
3 December 2014 A team has visited the Siemens centers already established in Gujarat, conducted a detailed study of centers, and submitted a report.
4 9th February 2015 A comprehensive presentation was made to the Govt. of AP about Skill development and training activities by Siemens and their intent to collaborate with the Govt. of AP as was done in Gujarat.
5 16th February 2015 In its 1196th meeting, the Council of Ministers approved in principle the establishment of six clusters of Siemens centres in AP.
6 04th March 2015 In its 1197th meeting, the Council of Ministers sanctioned the budget corresponding to the government’s share of the investment to establish the centres. An amount of Rs.360 crores was budgeted for the department for the Siemens project. The same was split as Rs.25 crores under TSP, Rs. 42 crores under SCSP, and Rs. 293 crores under general head.
7 12th March 2015 Estimates are approved by the State Legislature under Annual Financial Statement 2015-16.
8 30th June 2015 Government sanctioned the establishment of 6 clusters and permitted the MD&CEO of APSSDC to enter in to an agreement to carryout the project, Vide G.O M.S 4 dt 30.06.2015
9 5th October 2015 GoAP decided the formation of Two committees to monitor the Siemens Project and for scrutinizing and identifying the Skill Development Centres for imparting training under Siemens Project Vide G.O Ms. No. 8 dt. 05-10-2015
10 21st October 2015 Mr. L Prem Chandra Reddy takes charge as the Secretary and MD AP Skill Development corporation and he continued till 31st March 2016.
11 5th November 2015 A team visited Siemens centers stablished in Gujarat on 5th & 6th November 2015, conducted a detailed study of centers and submitted a report ( Team members : Sri L Premchandra Reddy IAS, Secretary Skill Development Dept., Smt. K Sunitha IAS, Secretary Finance Dept. K Lakshminarayana, Director APSSDC, Dr. Ghanta Subbarao, Spl Secretary Skill Development)
12 7th November 2015 Submission of report by the team to the GoAP. Recommendation for release of amount to APSSDC.
13 4th December 2015 Additional agreement for payment modalities by Mr. L Premchandra Reddy, as Secretary (Skill Development), mentioning the government of Andhra Pradesh to contribute 10 percent of the project cost with 55 cr per cluster (excluding taxes), and the overall project cost as 330 crores.
14 18 Dec 2015 Letter from APSSDC to Central Institute of Tool Design(CITD) established by Govt. of India, a pioneering Institution in the field of Tool Engineering in the Country and conducting similar training facilities for more than three decades for the valuation of the Siemens Project of Skill Development, to validate the valuation of the project as proposed by DesignTech and Siemens.
15 18th March 2016 CITD submitted a valuation report stating that the project costing of Rs. 559.33 cr per cluster was justified.
16 31st March 2016 APSSDC released the final tranche of payment of amount of Rs. 34.30 Crores to DesignTech towards project implementation. All funds (total of 371.25 crores) to DesignTech were released by Mr. Premchandra Reddy as the Secretary of Skill Development Department and the MD of Skill Development Corporation.
17 25th April 2016 GoAP issued orders on the selection of institutions for establishment of Siemens centres vide Go.MS.No. 05 SDE&I(SKILLS) Department dt.25.04.2016.
18 31st May 2017 Two Siemens centres are established with all laboratories and ready for training by May 2017. V.R Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada and VVIT Guntur).
19 31st December 2017 Establishment of 19 Siemens centres out of 40 centres by DesignTech is completed.
20 31st May 2018 Establishment of all 40 Siemens centres by DesignTech is completed.
Project continues after the YCP government comes to power
21 Feb 2020 Dr. Arja Srikanth (MD, APSSDC) gives a letter acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of DesignTech in running 40 (CoEs & tSDIs) centers across the state and training more than a lakh students
22 31st March 2020 A total of 2,13,000 candidates were trained in Siemens centers.
23 August 2021 Handover of assets related to Siemens centres by DesignTech to the Joint Operational control of APSSDC and the hosting institution.
Cluster Name Approx No. of Students Trained
Anantapur 37,500
Guntur 35,500
Visakhapatnam 34,000
East Godavari 34,000
Krishna 39,000
Chittoor 37,500
Grand Total 2,13,000
No.of students placed 70,000

Relevant documents for the section:

Document Description
Siemens trained data Year-wise Students trained in Siemens centres up to Feb 2021.


AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) emerges as a transformative force, shaping the future of individuals in Andhra Pradesh by providing holistic skill development solutions. By understanding APSSDC’s mission, exploring programs, enrolling in courses, leveraging placement services, and tapping into entrepreneurial resources, users can navigate the organization’s offerings effectively. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, APSSDC continues to be a catalyst for empowerment, ushering in a new era of skill-driven success in the state.

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