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How to Access Peacock on Your TV (and Potential Free Options)

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, offers a wide array of movies, TV shows, live sports, and news. While a free tier was once available, it has since been discontinued. However, there are still ways to potentially access Peacock content without paying the full subscription fee.

Understanding Peacock’s Subscription Tiers

Before diving into free options, it’s important to understand Peacock’s current subscription tiers:

Peacock Premium ($5.99/month): This tier offers a vast library of content, including Peacock originals, NBC shows, movies, and live sports visit Peacock website It includes ads but is a more affordable option.

Peacock Premium Plus ($11.99/month): This tier offers everything in Premium but with limited ads and the ability to download select titles for offline viewing.

Potential Free Access Options

Xfinity/Cox Customers:

Certain Xfinity and Cox internet or cable subscribers may be eligible for free access to Peacock Premium. Check with your provider to see if you qualify.

Spectrum Customers:

Spectrum customers with eligible plans might also receive free access to Peacock Premium. Contact Spectrum for more details.

Free Trials:

While not always available, Peacock occasionally offers free trials for new subscribers. Keep an eye on their website for promotions.

Partner Offers:

Some companies partner with Peacock to offer free trials or discounted subscriptions to their customers. Check for offers from your mobile carrier, credit card company, or other service providers.

Alternative Free Viewing Methods

Watch Select Episodes for Free:

Peacock offers a limited selection of episodes from popular shows for free, even without a subscription. This can be a way to sample their content.

Borrow from a Friend or Family Member:

If someone you know has a Peacock subscription, you could ask to borrow their login credentials to watch content. However, be aware of simultaneous streaming limitations.

Utilize Public Resources (Libraries, Community Centers):

Some libraries and community centers offer access to streaming services like Peacock for their patrons. Inquire about availability in your area.

Other Important Information

Device Compatibility: Peacock is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. Check their website tv/samsung for a full list of supported devices.

Content Restrictions: Some content on Peacock may be restricted due to licensing agreements or regional availability.


While a completely free Peacock experience is no longer available, there are still several ways to potentially access their content without paying the full subscription price. Explore the options mentioned above to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Peacock truly free for anyone?

A: Peacock no longer offers a completely free tier. However, there are potential ways to access content without paying the full subscription price (see the article above for details).

Q: How can I check if I’m eligible for free Peacock through my internet provider?

A: Contact your internet or cable provider (Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum) directly and inquire about any Peacock promotions or bundles they offer.

Q: Are free trials always available for Peacock?

A: No, free trials are not always offered. Keep an eye on Peacock’s website and social media channels for any promotional offers.

Q: Can I share my Peacock account with others?

A: Technically, you can share your login credentials with others, but be aware of simultaneous streaming limitations. Peacock Premium allows streaming on up to three devices at once.

Q: What if I don’t have a smart TV? Can I still watch Peacock?

A: Yes, you can watch Peacock on various devices, including streaming sticks (like Roku or Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles (like PlayStation or Xbox), and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

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