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How to Speak to Someone at Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a popular Australian sports streaming service offering live and on-demand access to over 50 sports. If you’re a Kayo subscriber and encounter any issues, you may want to  speak directly to a customer service representative. While Kayo doesn’t have a traditional phone support line, there are a few effective ways to get in touch with their team.

  1. Live Chat: The Fastest Option

The most convenient way to get real-time assistance from Kayo is through their live chat feature. Here’s how to access it:

Visit the Kayo Help Center: Go to

Click the ‘Live Chat’ Button: You’ll find a prominent ‘Live Chat Now’ button in the middle of the screen.

Initiate a Chat: A chat window will open. You may initially interact with their K-Bot (chatbot). If you need to speak to a human representative, simply request it in the chat.

Kayo’s live chat support is available daily from 7:30 AM to Midnight AEST.

  1. Submit A Support Ticket

If your issue isn’t urgent, consider submitting a support ticket through the Kayo Help Center. Here’s how:

Visit the Kayo Help Center: Go to

Click ‘Contact Support’: It’s located below the search bar.

Fill Out the Form: Provide details about your issue, your Kayo account information, and how you’d like to be contacted.

Submit and Wait for a Response: A Kayo representative will typically respond via email within a reasonable timeframe.

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  1. Social Media Support

Kayo maintains an active presence on social media platforms. While not ideal for in-depth technical issues, you can contact them through these platforms for general inquiries or quick assistance:

Facebook: Send a message to their official page at

Twitter: Tweet at them or send a direct message via their handle @kayosports

Important Tips for Effective Communication with Kayo

Be Clear and Concise: Explain your issue clearly, providing specific details like your account information and any relevant error messages.

Check the Help Center First: Kayo has a comprehensive Help Center with solutions to common problems. Check if your query can be resolved there before contacting support.

Be Patient: During peak hours or with complex issues, response times may take longer. Be patient and allow the representative time to assist you fully.

Additional Considerations

While Kayo doesn’t offer direct phone support, remember their online resources and contact methods provide efficient ways to resolve most issues. Choose the method that best suits the nature of your problem and the urgency of your need for assistance.

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Q: How do I get in touch with Kayo customer support?

A: The best ways to contact Kayo are:

Live Chat: Visit their Help Center ( and click the “Live Chat Now” button.

Support Ticket: Submit a ticket through the Help Center by clicking “Contact Support.”

Social Media: Message them on Facebook ([invalid URL removed]) or Twitter (@kayosports).

Q: Does Kayo have a phone number I can call?

A: No, Kayo does not offer traditional phone support. Their primary support channels are digital.

Q: What are Kayo’s live chat hours of operation?

A: Kayo’s live chat is available daily from 7:30 AM to Midnight AEST.

Q: Can I get help with technical issues through social media?

A: While Kayo support might offer basic assistance through social media, complex technical issues are best addressed via live chat or a support ticket where you can share more detailed information.

Q: I need help right away. What’s the fastest way to get support?

A: Kayo’s live chat is generally the fastest way to get real-time assistance from a support representative.

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