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Reasons to Hire a Permanent Placement Consultant

The challenge of locating the right talent for your organization in today‘s job market can be an overwhelming task. This is where the specialist perm consultant is usually the one that comes through. The aforementioned individuals are also experts in their fields, with a passion for finding a suitable partner for the company’s empty positions. In this paper, we bring to your attention the factors that will help you understand why keeping a permanent placement consultant in Saudi Arabia will unlock the next level of opportunity for the business.


  • Expertise and industry knowledge

What makes a specialist working with a permanent placement consultant unique is the fact that they have such big experience in the industry and know everything about the labour market. These experts possess extensive multi-sectoral knowledge of the general job characteristics and specific competencies that each job position requires. They are consistently updated with the latest trends, methods, and technology in order to provide you with reliable recommendations, information, and insights.

Moreover, permanent placement consultants have been in touch with the top-performing experts due to their decade-long expertise in their line of business. They are able to sense the perspective, goals, and career aspirations of the candidates in question, which ultimately leads to the right people being attached to the right position.


  • Time and Cost Savings

Hiring employees can be a very time-consuming and resource-draining process, especially if you’re doing it entirely by yourself. The process involves searching for candidates, conducting interviews, evaluating resumes, and working on offers, and it can become an intensive one for the HR team. This process can be made shorter and more efficient if you find a partner that specializes in permanent placement. In this case, you will be able to pay more attention to other issues in your business.

The permanent placement consultants are in possession of immeasurable knowledge for the purpose of recruiting good workers. They are able to use their far-reaching network, validated recruitment approaches, and other strategies to select the ideal candidates quickly. This not only helps to save you time but also lessens the cost related to the hiring procedure, for example, advertising expenditure and the chances of having prolonged vacancies.


  • Impartial and not influenced candidate assessment

Recruiters in companies can unknowingly have employment biases that can affect their decision-making processes. Unlike the temporary consultants, who tend to favour one-time solutions, the permanent consultants come with an outsider view and a neutral perspective. They judge candidates according to their own qualifications, experience, and how well they perform, which means that candidates are not discriminated against based on their gender, race, or gender orientation.


Besides, a permanent placement consultant will have access to a larger pool of sourcing candidates with diverse experience, multiplying your reach and increasing the likelihood of finding the ideal match for your organization. They can provide beneficial feedback about each candidate’s appropriateness, strengths and weaknesses, and performance in line with your company culture.


  • Enhancing employer branding

As the competition for the best candidates with excellent skills is extreme, it is the employer brand that helps in getting the most aspiring jobseekers. Besides, an experienced permanent placement consultant will be able to provide a great deal to your organization in terms of additional resources and improved attractiveness to prospective applicants. They possess the ability to draw your company’s distinctive selling points, like its culture, values, staff growth opportunities, and benefits, to your clients’ attention.

The consultant for transitions to permanent positions can be helpful with the communication of your corporate brand and thus make your company a good and desirable place to work. This, however, can enable you to not only appreciate the qualified candidates but also retain the important staff, eventually leading you to fulfill your long-term aim.


  • Confidentiality and discretion

There are some cases in which these [a] are very imperative. For instance, when giving someone access to sensitive information or positions of high responsibility, confidentiality and discretion are the issues [a] top priorities. Permanent placement consultants are the ones who can access the secure treatments and subsequent confinement of the inmates.

They do this quietly, without the candidate finding out that they might have already been spotted, and discreetly get their message across to the candidate. They make sure they are as professional as they can be whenever they interact with a potential candidate. Such an amount of confidentiality may turn out to be of particular significance when talking about highly specialized or worthwhile positions where the number of those who qualify may be highly restricted both by the nature of the position itself and by the character of the candidate’s responsibilities.


  • Ongoing support and partnership

This is not the final stage of your organization’s relationship with a permanent placement consultant; your organization and consultant continue a partnership even after the successful hire. Similarly, the employee’s hands-on engagement with technical specialists will ensure help and advice are on hand, initially during the employee’s onboarding process and then ongoing during the course of the new employee’s tenure with your organization. They would assist with orientation as well as collaborate with you to develop employee retention strategies. Moreover, HR professionals can be the ones projecting your organization’s growth needs into hiring future employees.


Among the criteria that determine the success and existence of the business in the dynamic business of Saudi Arabia is the ability to maintain the good talent that is key to a company’s difference with competitors. Working with a permanent placement consultant lets you exploit additional industry intelligence, years of practical experience, and methods of candidate search by the best professionals in the field. Besides the duration and expense of the process, there are a host of advantages to this strategy of outsourcing, including the objective evaluation of candidates and the employment brand you will acquire.

It does not matter what the size of the company is, as both private and public firms can benefit from having an it permanent recruitment consultant as the ultimate part of their talent acquisition solution. By successfully harnessing their competencies and assets, you will be able to hire and retain the top performers. This will strengthen your organizational functionality and thus make you prepared to take on the fascinating dynamics of the Saudi market.

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