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Sparsh. Defencepension. Gov. In: A Compressive Guide


Sparsh: A Digital Triumph in Defense Pension Management

Sparsh, hosted at, is a groundbreaking digital initiative by the Indian Ministry of Defence, revolutionizing the landscape of defense pension services. This comprehensive exploration unravels the layers of Sparsh, shedding light on its features, services, and the pivotal role it plays in streamlining and enhancing pension-related processes for military veterans and their families.

Step 1: The Digital Gateway to Defense Pensions

Digital Evolution: Embark on a journey through Sparsh’s evolution, tracing its transition from traditional methodologies to an advanced online platform. This section outlines the platform’s commitment to digitization, making pension-related information and processes easily accessible to defense personnel, veterans, and their families.

User-Centric Design: Dive into Sparsh’s user-friendly interface, emphasizing its design tailored for seamless navigation. This section explores features that prioritize a user-centric experience, ensuring that accessing vital pension-related information is intuitive and efficient.

Step 2: Comprehensive Pension Services

Pension Calculators: Uncover the functionality of Sparsh’s pension calculators, instrumental in accurate pension entitlement computation. This section elucidates the parameters considered in the calculation process and how veterans can utilize this tool for informed financial planning.

Online Pension Application: A detailed guide to Sparsh’s online pension application process, highlighting its user-friendly interface and the convenience it offers veterans. This section outlines the submission process, required documents, and the platform’s role in expediting pension-related applications.

Step 3: Ensuring Financial Security

Disability Pension Information: Explore Sparsh’s role in disseminating information regarding disability pensions. This section provides insights into eligibility criteria, application procedures, and how veterans can access details crucial to securing their financial well-being.

Family Pension Services: Delve into Sparsh’s provisions for family pension services. This section outlines features that facilitate the seamless application, tracking, and disbursal of family pensions, ensuring sustained financial security for the families of defense personnel.

Step 4: Transparent Communication

Notifications and Circulars: An in-depth exploration of how Sparsh acts as a central repository for defense pension notifications and circulars. This section emphasizes how users can stay informed about policy changes, updates, and important announcements relevant to their pension benefits.

Helpdesk and Support: Highlighting Sparsh’s commitment to user support, this section guides users on utilizing the helpdesk features, contacting support, and seeking assistance for any queries or concerns related to defense pension services.

Sparsh Defence Pension Portal Services

The Sparsh Defence Pension Portal is an online platform designed for the efficient transfer of pensions among individuals who have retired from the defence forces.

Through the Sparsh Defence Pension portal, pensioners can easily access and manage their pension accounts. This user-friendly interface ensures transparency by providing ample information about payment details, including past transactions.

Moreover, the Sparsh Defence Pension Portal grants pensioners access to all privileges and benefits offered by the system, such as the ability to view pension start and end dates. This allows pensioners with greater control and visibility over their pension accounts.

The Sparsh Defence Pension Portal was introduced recently which is a web-based system that aims to modernize and streamline the process of pension disbursement for retired personnel from the defence forces. This system allows the direct transfer of pensions to the bank accounts of pensioners. The government launched the Sparsh Defence Pension Portal to facilitate quick and hassle-free pension transfers.

By introducing this system, the government expects to save significant time and financial resources involved in spending pensions to retired defence civilians, as well as retired personnel from the air force and army. The Sparsh Defence Pension Portal simplifies the overall process, ensuring efficient and secure delivery of pension payments to the beneficiaries.

Sparsh Defence Pension Portal Benefits and Working 

Upon submitting pension claims to the defence account’s principal controller, a unique account number is assigned to the defence personnel who is retiring. The pensioner can receive this account number either through email or registered mobile number.

Once the pensioner receives the account number, they can access the Sparsh Defence Pension Portal to verify the details of their pension claims. This verification process is referred to as Pensioner Data Verification (PDV). It ensures that the account holder has reviewed the information uploaded in the portal by the Pension Sanction Authority and is satisfied with the accuracy of the details. Also, at this stage, the pensioner has the option to add a nominee for their pension account.

How to login to Sparsh Defence Pension Portal 

To log in to the Sparsh Defence Pension Portal, follow these simple steps mentioned below:

1. Visit the official Sparsh Defence Pension portal at

2. As a beneficiary of the pension account, you should have already received a unique account ID and password on your registered mobile or email.

3. Use the provided credentials to enter your account. Remember that the last two digits of your unique user ID are typically “01.”

4. Submit the captcha code and click on the Sparsh login button.

5. You will then be logged into the Sparsh web portal.

6. Upon your initial login, it is important to change your password immediately for security reasons.

7. You may also need to submit a declaration regarding any future pension-related issues, such as the refund of excess pension payments.

8. The next step involves completing the personal documentation process, including linking your Aadhaar card.

9. After submitting your Aadhaar number, you may be required to undergo the Pensioner Data Verification (PDV) process.

10. Once the PDV process is completed, you will receive confirmation through the Sparsh pension system.

11. With a successfully changed password and completed verification, you can freely access the Sparsh Defence Pension portal.

12. Additionally, you may be able to download your monthly pension slip from the Sparsh portal for your reference.

The Sparsh Defence system serves as a helpful platform for ensuring timely pension disbursement to pensioners. To benefit from the Sparsh Defence Pension scheme, pensioners are required to provide an online copy of the Sparsh life certificate on an annual basis. This allows them to access the benefits of the pension system anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, pensioners have the option to upload their life certificate copy on the Jeevan Pramaan Portal, further facilitating the verification process and ensuring proper and smooth pension transactions…. Read more at:

Identifying Service Centers:

1. Reach out to the homepage of the SPARSH web portal, and follow the navigation mentioned below.

2. The Pensioners should go to Contact & Support section and tap the SPARSH Near You and hit the Service Center Locator.

3. After seeking the service center details online, one must produce necessary identification data for verification in person and keep the registered mobile phone in active mode.

4. The pensioner must prove the authenticity by utilizing the OTP procedure or answering the security questions.

5. Note: A Pensioner can avail of service through the pensioner portal or service center and it is free of cost.

Pensioners Can Resolve Offline/ Online Troubleshoots:

1. Service centers are manually operated therefore unlike online services they are bounded by working hours from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

2. Pensioners can seek an online SPARSH portal service and one is bound to face trouble for the following reasons.

3. The Internet connection on which a pensioner is working to avail SPARSH portal services.

4. The pensioner must check for the browser compatibility otherwise one must update the browser versions.


Sparsh stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital innovation in the realm of defense pension services. As a pioneering platform, Sparsh exemplifies the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for the welfare of those who have served the nation. By seamlessly integrating digital solutions into pension processes, Sparsh not only simplifies administrative tasks but also ensures that veterans and their families can access crucial information and services with ease. Sparsh embodies transparency, efficiency, and empowerment, providing a digital haven for defense pension-related needs. As Sparsh continues to evolve, it remains a vital resource, supporting the financial well-being of defense personnel and their families, and contributing to the broader vision of a digitized and accessible pension ecosystem. Sparsh invites veterans, their families, and all stakeholders to explore its offerings, discover the advantages of digital pension services, and be part of a transformative journey toward a more secure and connected future.

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