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Everything Teachers Need to Know About Join.PD: A Comprehensive Guide

Join.PD (formerly known as Pear Deck) is a powerful tool that can transform your classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment. Join.PD allows you to create presentations with built-in formative assessments, student responses, and real-time feedback mechanisms.

Why Should Teachers Use Join.PD?

Promote Student Engagement: Join.PD’s interactive slides and diverse question types break the monotony of traditional lectures, keeping students attentive and involved in the learning process.

Check for Understanding: Real-time feedback and response visualization help you gauge how well your students grasp the concepts. This enables immediate adjustments to your teaching, ensuring no student is left behind.

Encourage Participation: Even shy students can comfortably participate via Join.PD. Features like anonymous responses and student-paced modes foster an inclusive environment and increase participation.

Student-Centered Learning: Join.PD’s flexible design supports various teaching styles. Students can work on activities independently, in groups, or in a teacher-led format. This shift puts students at the center of their learning.

Getting Started with Join.PD

Create an Account: Visit the Join.PD website and sign up for a free teacher account. You can easily integrate Join.PD with your existing Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Build Interactive Presentations: Add various interactive slide types to your presentations. These can include:

Text responses for open-ended questions

Multiple-choice questions for quick knowledge checks

Drawing slides for visual expression

Draggable slides for sorting or ranking exercises

Websites to embed live web content

Launch a Session: Start a Join.PD session within your presentation and provide your students with the unique join code. There are two modes available:

Instructor-Paced: Everyone progresses through the presentation together.

Student-Paced: Learners navigate the slides independently, allowing for differentiation.

Monitor Student Responses: Watch responses come in real-time on your teacher dashboard. This allows you to identify areas of confusion or celebrate student successes.

Provide Feedback: Use the feedback tools to comment on student work individually or project highlighted responses anonymously to facilitate class discussion.

Additional Tips for Success

Start Small: Don’t try to overhaul every lesson with immediately. Start by incorporating interactive slides into a few key points in your presentations.

Experiment with Question Types: Explore the range of question types to discover what works best for different lessons and activities.

Use Student Feedback: Gather student input to fine-tune your Join.PD presentations and create learning experiences that resonate with your learners.

Explore the Resources: Join.PD offers a fantastic library of pre-made templates, webinars, and a supportive teacher community to help you maximize its potential.

Join.PD in Action

Join.PD is versatile and can be adapted to any subject area.  Here are a few ideas:

Warm-Ups and Bell Ringers: Start with a quick Join.PD question to activate prior knowledge or ignite curiosity.

Formative Assessment: Embed formative checks throughout your lesson to gauge understanding and address misconceptions.

Collaborative Activities: Use Join.PD for group brainstorming and problem-solving tasks.

Exit Tickets: Finish your lesson with a reflection or self-assessment slide.

Blooket for the Win: Easy Login Steps and How to Find Join Codes visit the website Join blooket code.


Join.PD has the potential to revolutionize your classroom. By embracing its interactive features and feedback capabilities, you can foster an engaging and collaborative learning environment where every student’s voice is heard.

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