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Purpose and Need of Quadruple Marker Test During Pregnancy

Blood tests during pregnancy are very essential as they give a clear picture of the growth and development of the foetus and provide valuable information about the health of the foetus whether it is growing normally or if it has any health complications or associated anomalies.

The Quadruple Marker test also known as the Quad marker screening screens for various abnormalities in the foetus if present during pregnancy and is one of the most efficient tests that can detect anomalies at the very early phase of pregnancy that helps in further diagnosis.

What is a Quadruple Marker Test?

Quadruple Marker test is a type of blood test done during the Second trimester of pregnancy As the name suggests it checks for four factors these are:

  • Alpha-fetoprotein
  • Human chorionic gonadotrophin
  • Estriol
  • Inhibin A

These all factors are checked and based on this a complete observation is made to prepare the report.

These tests can check for any possible abnormalities and complications associated with the growth and development of the foetus.

What is the Purpose of the Quadruple Marker Test?

The purpose of this test is to check for any kind of complications associated with the baby and it requires the analysis of four factors that are Alpha-fetoprotein, HCG, Estriol, and Inhibin A  that can be used to check the genetic syndromes associated with a growing foetus that is

  • Syndrome, 
  • Neural tube defects(Spina Bifida)
  •  Klinefelter syndrome

Go and get tested by the best doctor near you to check for certain conditions during pregnancy this test will provide you valuable information about the health status of your foetus and If comes positive the expecting parents can make the appropriate decision by consulting with a doctor.

Why Do We Need This Test?

Quadruple Marker test is a definitive blood test that can check for several complications associated with the foetus Certain genetic Syndrome like Down Syndrome, Neural tube defects, Klinefelter syndrome etc lead to abnormalities in the baby here is the list of some conditions in tabulated form for which diagnosis is done

Condition/Diagnosis for What it leads to:
Down syndrome It is a Chromosomal disorder that alters the development and intellectual ability of the newborn.
Trisomy 18 Fatal chromosomal disorder that alters the structural development of the body. It often claims the lives of the newborn by the age of 1.
Spina bifida A type of neural tube defect that results in underdevelopment of the spinal cord and the bones of the spine.
Abdominal wall defects It results in external protrusion of the abdominal organs through an opening in the abdomen.

Besides this, your doctor may refer you to this if:

  • You are 35 years old or above. 
  • You have a previous history of babies born with congenital defects.
  • You have diabetes and insulin-related complications.
  • During viral infection and gestation.
  • Taking harmful medication during pregnancy

Parameters to Choose the Best Lab for the Quadruple Marker Test

To choose the best diagnostic centre one must have to see the following parameters before going for a test.

  • Reputation must see the reputation as well as the experience by checking the Google reviews and verifying with people who have been tested from that centre.
  • Experienced staff the staff experience and how well they can handle their patient under pressure and assist them under different challenging conditions
  • Availability and response- You can check the staff availability as well as the response time so that a patient gets tested and diagnosed for any disease early.

How Can You Choose the Best Pathology Lab for the Quadruple Marker Test?

The best pathology lab should provide the facility for home blood sample collection so the Quadruple Marker test can be done anywhere, Quadruple Marker tests are essential as they help in determining the risk of pregnancy complications that arise due to abnormal levels of certain factors. Ganesh Diagnostic The best pathology lab in Delhi quickly collects and tests the sample with 100% accuracy for diagnosis and helps the patient to get the best possible treatment.


Quadruple Marker test helps millions of patients get tested for pregnancy complications which require immediate diagnosis and help in providing the best and right treatment to both mother and baby if tested positive Choose the best diagnostic centre as per your need and comfort that provides better facility and services to the patient. 

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